08/03/22 Leech lake Fishing Report

Fishing on Leech Lake has remained steady. Walleyes have been found in and around weed beds in 12’-18’ of water in Walker Bay, Kabekona Bay, and Sucker Bay. Continuing to move around until you find a group of fish is important. Recently the fish seem to moving around quite a bit day to day. A spinner rig and leech or crawler is a good way to cover water and search for fish. Once you find an area where there are a few fish, try slowing down with a slip bobber and a leech to put a few more fish in the boat. 

The panfish are really focusing on the deeper weed lines right now, especially areas with a mixture of weeds such as coon tail, cabbage, and pond lily in 11’-14’ of water. Kabekona Bay and Sucker Bay are good places to start your search. 

Muskie fishing is slowly getting better. Keep covering water to locate active fish. Casting moving baits such as bucktails, topwater, and swimbaits over rocks and weeds are good choices this time of year. 

Steve Nosbisch

Leech Lake Guide Team