our local guide team

Leech Lake Guide Team is comprised of local fishing guides that live and breathe fishing in Northern Minnesota. We pride ourselves on our local, first-hand knowledge of the Leech Lake area. Our guides work together to help you lure in your next big catch. After a successful day on the water, our guides will clean the day’s catch and package it up for you to bring home.

Meet our outstanding local fishing guides:

Austin Michaud

Austin was born and raised local to Leech Lake. Fishing has been a passion of his since he could barely walk.

Leech Lake Guide Team Steve Nosbisch

Steve knows his way around walleyes, but he is best known for his muskie trips.

Leech Lake Guide Team George Wells

George grew up fishing on Woman Lake. He loves to chase walleye on Leech lake.

Leech Lake Guide Team Brad Michaud

Brad grew up in the Leech Lake area and has over 35 years of experience. He is a skilled craftsman and makes his own custom muskie lures.

Leech Lake Guide Team Gavin Grey

Gavan was born and raised in the Walker lakes area. He likes to fish for everything that swims but has a little extra love for muskies and walleyes.

Leech Lake Guide Team Bryan Hennager
Bryan Hennager

Bryan fell in love with fishing at a really young age and lives close to the best fishery around.

Leech Lake Guide Team Bobby Landreville
Bobby Landreville

Bobby has been a licensed guide on Leech Lake since 1987.

Leech Lake Guide Team Ryley Hansen
Ryley Hansen

Ryley Hansen’s family has been fishing Leech Lake since 1915.

Remington_Moren_Leech Lake Guide Team
Remington Moren

Remington moved to the area when he was 10 years old. He is a hardcore walleye fisherman but he enjoys chasing panfish as well.