Leech Lake Fishing Report 08/08/2022

Walleye bite on Leech Lake has been very steady throughout these summer months.  With water temperatures in the Walker Bay area staying around the low 70’s on most days these are definitely mid summer patterns.  My best bite has still been using a slip bobber tipped with a medium to small leech.  I like to keep my bait 1 foot off the bottom as these fish definitely look up for this presentation.  A 16th ounce perch, pink and white or watermelon jig have worked well for me this past week around the sand point area.  Try to find fish with your side imaging and staying away from boats on clear days is very important.  

Muskie fishing is heating up!  They are showing up in shallow water areas chasing top water baits and bucktails.  Look for areas with good cabbage growth and access to deep water nearby.   Rock points on windy days are also producing fish.

Big gills are always a fun way to spend the afternoon.  I like to pich 16th ounce jigs tipped with a 1/4 nightcrawler in the cabbage either in Steamboat Bay or Sucker Bay.  Make sure to have fatheads along as a few crappies have been mixed in.  Perch fishing should be picking up soon.  Please try and release some of those big gills over 9 inches.  They are what we need in the lake to keep them big ones going for future fisher people!

George Wells

Leech Lake Guide Team