Fishing Report June 29th 2022

East Side Report

The bite on the east side of Leech lake has definitely changed to a summer time pattern.  Water temps have been in the mid 70’s this week on the average.   Fish have moved out to rock humps and main lake break lines.  Diamond Point, Pipe Island area and Pelican Island is a great place to start.  The mayflies hatched and the fish are chasing them into the mud. 

Trying the mud on the west side of bear Island all the way to the Annex. Pulling night crawlers on spinners with bottom bouncers is a great way to cover some ground and get these fish to bite. Try several different blade types,  I use both a bigger blade to create more noise in the water to start with going around 1.2 MPH.  If I am seeing fish and they don’t react I will slow things down to .5 MPH and you a butterfly blade.  Pink, red, purple and orange are some of my favorites. 

If you use your electronics you can see fish chasing bait clouds.  There is a lot of bait in the water.   You will see schools of fish you just need to be there when they eat.  With so much food for them at this time of year, covering ground can be a great way to find an active school.  

George Wells – George Wells Fishing Trips


West side report on Leech Lake.

We are seeing walleyes move heavily into their summer patterns with the rising water temperatures. We are experiencing a mayfly hatch which has lead to some fish still being finicky.  We are seeing active walleyes in 7 to 12 feet of water in the mornings and evenings. During the high sun hours we are heading into thicker weeds such as cabbage and Coontail. Deeper rock structure in walker bay and deeper break lines in Kabakona bay are another great option. We are consistently  using slip bobbers, pitching jigs, and using lindy rigs. It seems like leeches have been the top producing bait in the guide boats over the last week. Pan fish are very active in the cabbage beds in the northern bays. 

Austin Michaud 

Michaud Guide Service LLC