Fishing Report 05/30/2022

West Side Report

Fishing has been very good on the west side of Leech. The last few days of warm stable weather has had the fish feeding heavily. The water temperature recently has warmed to  58° in the morning and 62° in the afternoon. With the slowly, but steadily rising water temperatures the good fishing should continue for awhile longer. 
Most fish are still coming on a jig and a minnow, but a leech presented on a jig or underneath a slip bobber has also started to produced a few fish as well. 5′-11′ of water has been best recently. When the wind is blowing or it is overcast, drifting over sand flats in 9′-11′ of water has been effective. When the sun is out, pitching areas with a mixture of sand and short weeds seems to be slightly better. The fish have been moving around a lot recently, so keep moving until you find fish that are willing to bite. The areas around Grand View Flats, Stoney Point, and Goose Island are good places to start your search. 
Steve Nosbisch

Leech Lake East Side Report

The big fish have been biting on the East side!  It can be a struggle to catch keepers some days.  Fish have moved out a little off the rocks into the sand and gravel adjacent to rocks. They move back on to the rocks on windward points such as  Battle Point, Bear Island, Pelican Island  and Diamond Point.  A jig tipped with a shiner has still been the bait of choice on the rocks.  Blue and white, Parrot, and Watermelon colors have been working well.  The smallest jig the further away from the boat the better. 
Don’t over look main lake humps such as Annex as well. With lots of boat traffic the fish tend to scatter easy. Try to stay off to the side of the fish and cast a jig and minnow or slip bobber to them. 
George Wells