Leech Lake Walleye Opener 2022 Walker Minnesota – Leech Lake Guide Team

2022 Leech Lake Fishing Opener Outlook & Predictions by Steve Nosbisch Steve Nosbisch Guide Service. 
The MN DNR officially called ice out on Leech Lake on Monday the 9th. That is great news if you are a walleye fisherman. With the ice going out 5 days before opener, and the temperatures being in the mid 60’s-mid 70’s all week, it should give most of the walleyes time to go through their spawning ritual before anglers hit the water on Saturday. As soon as the walleyes are done spawning they will be hungry and looking for an easy meal. Look for actively feeding fish in the shallows along wind blow shorelines in 6’-12’ of water. Pay special attention to areas with a rock to sand transition. Many times these areas hold more baitfish. If you’re finding bait fish the walleyes are sure to be close by. 
As with most opening weekends a jig and minnow will likely be the bait of choice. Pair a jig head with a spot tail shiner, rainbow, or fathead and keep moving along windy shorelines until you find an actively feeding group of fish. Good luck and enjoy your time on the water. Don’t forget to practice selective harvest.
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